Anonymous: Your boyfriends ex denied all the hate and lies she said, basically she is too ashamed of the fact she turnt into a bully and made your life hell. I now see why he left her and the fact she is so fuckin ugly!!!

Well…I’d be pretty embarrassed if I were her, she obviously did do it, I assumed it was her I never had any evidence that it was her until I asked a technician who knows all about IP addresses, sort codes and shit and I asked one of my brothers mate who used to be a police officer and he knows what software and whatever he used to track what dates questions were sent, who the sender was and what locations. It all linked back to Hannah, they didn’t even know about her until all the results came up so it’s not something I made up. I’m not sick like her. She knows she did it and whether she admits it or not I honestly couldn’t care less. She blamed me for all her anon hate when I would never send hate on anon, I actually have the balls to say what I want to that person, there would of been no point in sending anon hate because I’m not scared of her or anyone else. It would be nice if she bothered to contact me and rage on me then but we both know she doesn’t have the courage and she’d rather slag me off like the rest of the fucking pussies who think they can talk a whole load of bullshit and get away with it!! Ryan left her because he didn’t want her, fair enough he treated her like shit at times but I can’t say she didn’t deserve it after what she’s said and done, all in all I know what she’s like and I wish I never spent time listening to her and giving her advice, weren’t my fault that Ryan wasn’t happy with her or didn’t love her, not my fault he didn’t want to let me go I mean I wouldn’t let myself go. From now on its me and him and if she wants to still carry on trying to ruin things then she’s welcome at all times…let’s just hope she’s realised im more mature, clever and calm in this situation and she’d be fighting a battle that she lost months ago. 

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WOW 116 Days…it’s been tough.

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